Figure Photography

Photography can be considered as one of the sciences that has developed a lot in the past few decades. Figure photography is one of the types of photography that are becoming really popular these days. Science and technology has developed a lot in the recent past and as a result you find that technological advancements have made a lot of sciences really complicated. It is not always very easy to understand figure photography like many other branches of photography. You need to have a sense of understanding the science working behind successful figure photography and you need to be really good at what you do. Only then you can master the art of figure photography.The world of fashion has also changed a lot in the recent past. With the internet as a household phenomenon today and with the ever innovative technology, every thing has changed. The world today is a small village where communication is very impressive and easy. As a result fashions of one part of the world affect the other parts of the world as well. In fact, this is one of the reasons that figure photography has flourished in almost all parts of the world. Figure photography is the kind of photography in which the photographers are focused on figures. There has been a strong trend of nude and semi nude figure photography’s in the past. At present you find fashion photography to be too close to the figure photography. The art and romanticism of the field is to be understood. It is not only the photography of semi nude people; it is the art which is important. You can only understand the technicalities of the figure photography only by understanding the themes of the task.Photography has changed a lot in the recent past. In fact a few decades back there were very limited choices in cameras and the work of art was totally dependent on chances and the ability of the person who is working as a photographer to judge the angle of light and other factors while shooting. If the photographer failed at what he was doing, no one was able to save the photographs. Thus this branch of physics has improved a lot. Now you find it to be a reliable and very expensively researched branch of science.

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Tips for a Better Lifestyle

*This is a summarized version.We all know the components of a good lifestyle.A good lifestyle is the combination of healthy food, exercise and happy relationships.I assume that you already know about these components and therefore, I will not cover them in this article.This article answers these questions:Assuming you have a good and balanced life, eating healthy food, working out regularly, happy in your relationship, and financially stable, what can you do to enhance your life?What are the things that can make a difference in your lifestyle?Of course, this subject is very personal, in the sense that what may be important to one person, may not be significant to another person.Elements of a good lifestyle also differ among men & women, singles & married, poor& rich… etc.However, I will explain the main elements that can be considered as “universally” accepted. Lifestyle tools that almost all people will benefit from.Tips for a Better Lifestyle1-Don’t Take Life Very Seriously:Some people are serious about life because they believe that life is very serious. They assume that being serious will lead to happiness or success.I realize that mistakes and failures can be serious, but that does not mean we take life too seriously. Too much serious focus on life means we will miss the fun of life. Life is much more than work or money. Taking things too seriously can drive you to madness. Serious thinking can lead you to be stressed out. You can be serious at work, but at your free time develop humor and sense of fun. Adopt an attitude of cheerfulness and optimism. Act childish sometimes. Learn to laugh and enjoy watching funny movies. Surround yourself with funny people. It is time that you lighten up about life.Remember life is a journey, and if that journey is serious and boring, then you would want that journey to be short. Have fun and enjoy the journey. Do whatever you want to make it entertaining and joyful. Make this journey entertaining by adding humor to it.As Mark Twain said once “Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”2-Focus Only on the Present:It is amazing that most people do not live in the present. Some are overwhelmed by their past, and others are day- dreaming about their future plans. Some people try to run away from their problems by not living in the present.Live in this very moment and enjoy it. Program yourself to not stay in the past. Get rid of any past memories. You feel cheerful and alive when you live in the present moment. The future is always a mystery. You can create plans for the future, but you need to experience the present in order to achieve those plans. Remember that living in the past means you are not mentally or emotionally free. Living in the future means you are dreaming. Happiness is based on the present. One fact to realize is that your past will not determine your future. The present is your link between the past and future. The only and best way to live your life is to live it at this moment.3- Travel:Travel at least once a year and go to remote places. Get outside your local environment. Traveling has many benefits. When you travel you break your routine and replenishes your energy, mental, physical and emotional energy. Travel can also be an opportunity to acquire new skills, learn about new cultures and meet new people.Travel is about variety, adventure and having fun. Your life needs fun. It also needs diversity in terms of new people, new geography and new experiences.If you have enough money, you can take tours around the world, something similar to Four Seasons Around the World Tour, which costs $115,000 per person. These extravagant tours use private jets and all 5-star resorts.Stay at 5-star hotels and pamper yourself. Stay at The royal suite of Burj Al Arab of Dubai which has a small cinema and a library. Visit museums like the Louvre of Paris or see the ancient ruins of Athens or Rome. Take a luxury cruise like the Silversea cruise which is offering a $1.500,000 cruise package for two on the Silver Whisper, taking in 28 countries over a period of 115 days. You deserve to reward yourself once in a while. If you don’t have that kind of money, you can travel to national reserves and enjoy the serenity of nature. Travel destinations and options are virtually unlimited.4-Find a Good Friend:Substantial research supports the importance of true friends in our lives. A true friend is essential for a happier life. A true friend will confront you about your life problems such as drinking problem. A good friend will correct you when you are wrong.Your best friend is best to be from the same gender. If you are a woman, it is better that your close friend is a woman like you. A Man’s best friend is also a man. You may have a spouse/partner and he/she is very close to you. However, you need a close friend that is not your partner. What I suggest here is a friend that is not connected to you sexually. A close friend, from the same gender, whom you can share with your secrets. A good friend can give you the needed support, even support for your relationship with your partner. This is why it is important-but not necessary- that your close friend is from the same gender.One scholar, Carlin Flora, in her book, Friendfluence, demonstrates with many examples the real essence of true friendship. She claims with evidence that true friends are the keys for happiness.5- Check Your Habits:Check your habits and make sure you get rid of those bad habits and adopt the good ones.A-Get Rid of Bad Habits:Some habits are very serious to the extent that they can be fatal. Smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction can be dangerous for your health & life.If you have millions of dollars but you are addicted to drugs, do you think you have a good lifestyle?If you are healthy and young, but chain-smoke 30-40 cigarettes/day, do you expect a healthy lifestyle?The big problem with habits is that you may not be able to get rid of them because they are addictive.Some bad habits can be a sign of suicidal behavior.Whatever bad habits you have, just remember that those habits can destroy your life.In spite of the difficulty of getting rid of a bad habit, it is important to know that they can be eliminated.You will need the right techniques and tools implemented by a qualified coach.B- Develop New Good Habits:Once you get rid of a bad habit, it is time that you substitute it with a positive habit.If you quit smoking, start a healthy habit instead, such as exercising or walking.Even if you don’t have a negative habit, you can adopt a new habit that is useful for your lifestyle.There are many types of habits that are useful for our lifestyle. Another good habit is to practice meditation daily. Meditation will slowly build your energy.6-Surround Yourself With Only Positive People:To live a positive life you need to get the sources of positivity. Emotions are electromagnetic energy. This energy is infectious. This means if you are around people that possess one type of energy, you are likely to get that type of energy from them and store it in your body.This explains why when you surround yourself with negative people you become negative as well.The first rule is therefore, to stay away from negative people and negative sources.Stay away from negative news and negative media.Be connected with only positive people.Positive persons will feed your thoughts with positivity.Positive people have the ability to be optimistic about life. Their positive emotions will enable them to enjoy a better lifestyle.Another remarkable behavior of positive people is that they never compare themselves with others. This behavior can lift their self-esteem.Remember that positive expectation leads to positive results.Even the aura of positive people is different.7- Find a Mentor/Life CoachLife will have its challenges and problems. Life journey is long.Some people when faced with problems try to solve those problems on their own. They resist the possibility for outside help, for many reasons.No matter how intelligent or experienced you are, some problems can not be solved by yourself.Why?Because when you have a problem, you tend to think inside the box. Your solutions are likely limited and irrelevant.This is the notion behind “Think Outside the Box.”It is not a shame to ask for advice. It is not a sign of inferiority.It is a fact that most successful persons have advisors, and they are not hesitant to seek advice from outside resources. Even the President of the USA can not function effectively without advisors.The best advisor is a mentor or a life coach.Your mentor might be a neighbor, relative, teacher, friend, co-worker, someone from your community, or a professional consultant. Mentors are good to have throughout your life.A mentor can motivate, inspire, guide you in the right direction, and help you through personal and work challenges.A life coach has many useful roles. Not only he/she can give you the right advice, but more importantly, they can find out what is right for you based on your personality and skills.A mentor can also develop your skills and provide specific guidance for your personal development.Life coaches or mentors have become important even for children. According to the National Mentoring Partnership, children and teenagers who have had a mentor do better in school, are less likely to be involved with drugs and alcohol, and are more likely to go to college.Life coaching has become very important for moderate and big companies worldwide.The rising importance of life coaching has made it one of the fastest growing professions in North America. According to the International Coach Federation, there are over 15,000 professional life coaches currently operating in North America in 2012.Because of higher demand, life coaching fees are increasing. The International Coach Federation found that, on average, life coaches charge $214 a session and make $47,900 annually.8- Make Some Time for Yourself:We need time for many things such as career, social activities, family, and sports. However, you also need to have time only for yourself.Try to spend some time alone every day. Spend your time alone doing something you enjoy, such as reading, taking a bath, or being outdoors. It’s a time to clear your head and be quiet with yourself.Solitude has many benefits. It allows you to rediscover yours. It is a good way to disconnect from others.As the famous poet Rumi once said, “A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you.”Your life journey is no doubt in need of many things. It definitely deserves all the care and attention that will make it a better journey.Please be kind to yourself, and get the tools that make your lifestyle a better one.Do not be frugal on yourself.Whatever you spend on your lifestyle, one day you will notice the rewards of this spending, in terms of higher achievements and stronger happiness.I hope my tips are suitable for you.I hope I have contributed something useful for your life.Good Luck.

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Life Insurance: The Foundation

To achieve your financial destiny takes financial planning. A solid financial plan has to consider good and bad times during a person’s life. Buying life insurance is accounting for the potential bad times during a person’s life and is the main reason to buy life insurance. Yes, I said those three evil words “buy life insurance.” A life policy is the foundation of any solid financial plan.Basics on Life InsuranceFor many people life insurance is looked upon as something they will buy “someday.” Most people know they need to have some life coverage, but never take the time to do basic research.First of all life coverage is meant to be for income replacement if a spouse or parent dies prematurely. If you and your spouse produce some type of income then it needs to be protected. Today most families need income from both spouses regardless of the amount they earn to live their lifestyle needs.Life coverage comes into play if one spouse dies prematurely and the income is still needed for the family. Most financial experts recommend a person should have about 5 to 10 times their annual salary. This is not a hard and fast rule, but this figure will give you a starting point for the amount of coverage.Life insurance is not meant to be your retirement plan or your kids’ college fund. If your financial advisor sold you a policy to meet these needs you should consider receiving a second opinion.Types of Life InsuranceFor a couple when they are reviewing life policies they will find three common types of life policies: Group Insurance, Cash Value Insurance and Term Insurance.Group Term InsuranceGroup insurance is the easiest to explain. Group term insurance is the common life insurance an employer will offer to employees. The life insurance only covers the employee while they are employed. Typically the coverage is only for 1 or 2 times the employee’s annual salary, which does not meet the recommended 5 to 10 times annual salary. This type of insurance is a good bonus insurance and should not be your primary insurance.Group insurance is going to be your least expensive since the coverage amount is small and there is little or any approval processCash Value InsuranceThe second type of life insurance goes by several names: Whole Life, Permanent Insurance or Cash Value Insurance. With cash value insurance you have two different coverage amounts. One is the face amount or the actual coverage your beneficiaries would receive. You also have a second amount which is the cash value. The cash value grows over time and your beneficiaries would receive the face amount and cash value depending on the payout method selected.Whole life has become popular again in the past decade due to the poor returns of the stock market. However, as stated earlier life insurance is not meant to be your retirement account, but income protection. There are much better places to save your money for retirement such as a Roth IRA.Of the three types of life policies cash value insurance is the most expensive.Term Life InsuranceThe final type of life insurance is Term Insurance. As the name states, your coverage is set for a specific period of time or term. A term period could be for as little as one year up to 30 years or more. At the end of your term you can reassess your life insurance needs to see the amount you at that stage of your life.A common length of term many families buy is a 20 or 30 year term. A 20 year term should take you past your peak responsibility years, but to be safe a 30 year term should be adequate.One tip you need be aware of with term insurance would be your options at the end of the term. You want to look in the policy itself for a guaranteed renewable policy without any medical questions. The reason is we never know what our health may be like 20 or 30 years down the road so having a guaranteed renewable policy is vital to your financial plan.Many of your cheaper term policies require you to re-qualify for your life insurance at the end of the term. This means you have to answer medical questions to continue the coverage.Term insurance will cost more than group insurance, but is usually 2 to 3 times less as expensive as cash value insurance. However, do not look only at cost as the only factor. You should use the recommended 5 to 10 times your annual salary to come up with a figure to adequately protect your family. Look for amount of coverage you and your spouse need and then at the cost.What Experts SayI never like to listen only to financial advisors or insurance agents. I like to see what third parties have to say about topics. When the topic comes to life policies most third party companies or people recommend: Term Insurance. Read financial magazines like Smart Money and Money Magazine or books by Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman or newspapers like The Wall Street Journal or USA Today for a second or third opinion.These sources have stated at one time or another that term insurance is a better way to protect your family.Life insurance the foundation of a financial plan and a family is dependent on the income to make the financial plan become a reality. Take away the income then the plan falls apart. Life insurance helps protect the financial plan if either spouse passes prematurely.Let’s go build our financial destiny.

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